by chickenhilton

In summary,the stereotypes that are used to represent teenage girls within the media are generally over used and untrue but can still affect teenage girls in the real world majorly.  The stereotypes that are most commonly used among the representation of teenage girls are their overall physical appearance to match their personality and social standards, much like Regina George or Tina Belcher who are very different in their personalities which I believe has affected their physical appearance due to the representation of teenage girls in the media.  The stereotypes used to portray different girls within the media, whether it be in a film, a TV show or a magazine can majorly affect teenage girls as they can become insecure with themselves, doubting their social status and wondering if anyone actually likes them or if they are maintaining societies expectations for woman’s beauty standards as well as their body being skinny enough.  So many insecurities come from the media, and can affect girls both mentally and physically, both of which can still remain with them in the future.  Around 90% of people with anorexia are female’s and this can start at as young as the age of eight.  The media is able to easily reach anyone of any age and is able to affect how they think through the representations of different groups and individuals with in society.  Stereotypes are affecting us directly and those around us, and can seriously affect our way of thinking.  We may begin to view others differently and see ourselves differently due to how the stereotypes that may apply to us are represented in the media.  Things like this have seriously affected our world both past and present because of how stereotypes have been represented in different types of media, whether it be on TV, on the internet, in magazines and news papers it all reaches us and affects us in some way.  I have been able to see the major affects that the media have had on teenage girls due to how we have been represented in the media for so many years and I can now recognize the misrepresentations and over used stereotypes easily.